Are You Anxious?
Anxiety is characterized by chronic feelings of worry, nervousness, frustration, anger and difficulty concentrating. Anxiety comes in different forms and can include chronic worry (generalized anxiety), panic, social anxiety, agoraphobia, fears and phobias, performance anxiety and post-traumatic stress. Anxiety can be accompanied by physical symptoms that feel especially scary. It is not unusual for anxiety to cause irritability, difficulty sleeping, depression, muscle tension, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, nausea and dizziness. Unfortunately, the list is long. 

The Cognitive Model of Anxiety
When you overestimate the probability and severity of threat or danger that something bad will happen, while at the same time underestimate your resources and ability to cope, anxiety can result. Anxiety can be brought on when challenging situations, spaces, and people cause you to feel overwhelmed. You may experience anxiety in the present moment or when thinking about a future event. This can lead you to avoid activities and prevent you from doing what you want in life.


Anxiety Is A Common Emotion
Worry and anxiety are actually normal human responses to uncertainty in our environment, like meeting new people, taking on challenges at work or school, dating, trying new activities, or communicating your needs to another person. All of these things are risks that open you up to the possibility of judgment, failure or rejection. Most often, you are able to override your worries and take on these challenges. However, when anxiety and worry become chronic or painful, and you find yourself persistently thinking about or imagining terrible things that could go wrong in your life, it’
s time to do something about it. 

The Path Forward
The good news is, you can feel better and overcome anxiety in a short period of time with the help of a trusted therapist. 
Using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, together, we will:

  • Explore the Cognitive Model
  • Identify the factors that cause and maintain your anxiety
  • Learn how to modify, challenge and eliminate these factors from your life 
  • Develop skills that will help you alter upsetting thoughts and feelings in the moment
  • Get at what is important to you so you can start taking steps towards your goals right away
  • Reduce occurrences of anxiety now and in the future so you can feel more confident and lead a better life

This education and exploration will help you become more in tune with your thoughts and feelings while creating a concrete plan for ways to change and move forward. You will learn new things about yourself, how to live life guided by your values and take an active role in improving your mood and outlook.

Evening and Weekend appointments available