siobhanDo you wish to feel greater joy, worry less, and improve your self-confidence so you can get more from life? If you have been feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, find yourself worrying a lot, or having relationship problems, talking with a therapist can help.

Whether considering counselling for yourself or someone you care about, it is most helpful to work with a therapist you feel comfortable with and trust. In my practice, I use a collaborative approach, tuning into your strengths and resources, while listening supportively and without judgment, so we can work together to turn things around.

Trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), I can help you develop proven strategies that work quickly and effectively to improve your mood, communication skills and your outlook. Evidence favours CBT as one of the most effective therapy approaches for reducing symptoms related to anxiety, stress, panic, depression, and relationship problems in a short period of time. As we work together, you will be introduced to helpful new perspectives on your situation and guided towards the changes you want to create in your life.

Working with individual adults and adolescents, I offer a safe and confidential space to share your stories and experiences, help set ambitious goals for yourself and find solutions that work. Give me a call today or check out my website to learn more. Change begins in as little as one session. Are you ready?